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Installation 2m x 3m with 2 videos


The installation fragile was created for the exhibition Mit Haut und Haar - Körperkunst jetzt! at the Forum Schlossplatz in Aarau (CH) in July 2022.

The in situ installation is made of plastic bubblewrap attached to wall structures. The work forms a curved tunnel of about 2m high and 3m long within the exhibition room. It is placed at the door entrance of the exhibition, so that entering the space means walking inside the installation. Inside the structure, one is surrounded by bubble wrap, as if oneself was a fragile object in need of protection.

On one wall a small screen emerges from the bubble wrap. A short video runs in loop showing scenes of fragile (Performance). The performance fragile is a work that has been shown in different art institutions in which Lyn Bentschik enters in relation with the environment while being completely wrapped in bubblewrap.

Another screen is hanged on the outside wall of the installation. The video shows this time the complex process of Lyn Bentschik getting wrapped up in order to perform fragile (Performance).

The work fragile (Installation) is an extension of the performance of the same name. Lyn Bentschik created a space in which the viewer becomes part of the piece by walking within the bubblewrap. The installation shifts the place of the spectator away from extern viewer and gives them a taste of the sensations of being enveloped by bubble wrap.


Mit Haut und Haar - Körperkunst jetzt, Forum Schlossplatz Aarau (2022-23)



Concept and Performance: Lyn Bentschik

Sound: Yannick Consaël

Camera: Tren Guerrero

Cut: Tren Guerrero & Lyn Bentschik 

Picutres: Peter Koehl / Lyn Bentschik 

Text: Pauline Della Bianca

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