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Performance, 20' - 90' 


fragile is a performance made of a body covered in bubblewrap, entering in relation with its environment.

The performer slowly and irregularly rolls on themself, stops, crawls, changes direction, rests, moves further, turns in a new direction.

When the body stops moving, the mass of bubblewrap material becomes an unanimated object and resembles a sculpture in a room. Yet with some parts of the body remaining visible, it transmits an uncanny vision as it looks simultaneously human and object. 

When the audience and performer get close to each other, the audience can hear an emerging sound from within the moving sculpture. Distorted by the plastic, the sound is obscure and undefinable, resembling heavy breathing, waves or traffic noise. Like the movements of the performer, it accelerates, stops, becomes louder or fades completely away.  

The piece takes place without specific starting or ending time; the body moves to their their own time. Moving through exhibition rooms with audience, it coexists within the space.




C(R), VC7 Zürich (2022)

(R)EVOLUTION COLLECTIVE, Quartier Libre SIG Genève (2022)

Collective (R)Evolution, L'iceBergues, Genève (2022)

SRF Instagram (2021)

Finissage Metalmorphosen, oxyd Kunsträume Winterthur (2021)

4th FATartFair, Kammgarn Schaffhausen (2021)


Concept and Performance: Lyn Bentschik

Sound & Video: Yannick Consaël

Camera: Irem Güngez

Picutres: Pascal Burger / Irem Güngez / Marie Alexis 

Developed in Cooperation with cie O.

Text: Pauline Della Bianca

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