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Lyn Bentschik is a Swiss multimedia artist, mostly working in the field of choreography and performance. ​They live in Winterthur with their family. 


I locate my artistic practice in a field that places the experience of physicality in its center. Experiencing physicality, both for the artist and the audience, can be complex and full of fascinating potential. I often perceive this process as personal, universal, political, immediate, endless, beautiful and brutal at the same time. It is my inspiration, foundation and catalyst for creating art.

With my works I want to create spaces that make it possible to experience the field of tension between myself, the world and the audience. To do so, I curiously cross the boundaries between various media and genres. I love to move fluidly at the intersections of performance, expanded choreography and visual art.

My working processes are treated as an important and tangible part of the works and I design them accordingly: collaborative, queerfeminist, intersectional, reflexive and with a lot of humor.  

I believe that magic happens, when we dare to engage in the creative journey that sets out to discover the infinitely rich forms of bodily expressions. Magic, that bears the potential to make other worlds possible.  

Find interviews and press reviews on the MEDIA page.


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