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Long Durational Reperformances


Between late 2016 and summer 2018 I reperformed several of Marina Abramovićs historical pieces for the Europe-wide retrospective The Cleaner

Starting at Moderna Museet in Stockholm I performed during the exhibitions at Louisiana Modern Museum of Art in Humlebæk (Dänemark), Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo and Bundeskunsthalle Bonn. 

Reperformances I've done include Cleaning the Mirror (6 hours x 10 performances), The Cleaner (1 week, 8 hours a day), Imponderabilia (1 hour x 100 performances), Freeing the Voice (3 hours), Freeing the Body (3 hours), Freeing the Mind (3 hours), Luminosity (3 hours), Work Relation (participatory version, 4 hours x 2 performances) and House with the Ocean View (12 days and nights). I also worked as a facilitator for The Abramovic Method at Henie Onstad Kunstcenter and as an assistant for Lynsey Peisinger and Marina Abramović for Anders Hören - Die Abramović Methode für Musik at Alte Oper Frankfurt for 10 days. 

I had the honor to be the first person after Marina Abramović herself to perform House with the Ocean View for 12 days and 12 nights at Bundeskunshalle Bonn. I lived in the museum the whole time, without food. physical contact to anyone or speaking. It was quite extensively covered by the press in Germany and Switzerland, have a look at the interviews on the MEDIA page. It also led to my participation in two movies: a short artstic documentary The Other House which followes the performance quite closey and the full length documentary movie Homecoming - Marina Abramović and her Children

The deep encounter with long-durational performance art has had a strong impact on me both as a performer and as a human being. 


All Perofrmance Concepts: Marina Abramović

Photos: Fotos: Peter-Paul Weiler © Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland GmbH, Lyn Bentschik

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