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Video Performance 79'


The performance Schaufenster was executed in the context of the exhibition Mit Haut und Haar - Körperkunst jetzt! at the Forum Schlossplatz in Aarau (CH) in July 2022. It was filmed and shown in full length as a videoperformance during the exhibition.


In the one hour and nine minutes long performance, Lyn Bentschik is enclosed within a shop window and changes into different outfits while bypassers look at them.


The clothes come from the artist’s wardrobe. They are from different side jobs that the artist has had throughout their artistic career so far; a gardening uniform, a belly dance costume, a bike delivery uniform and a sport outfit - often used for contemporary dancing.


Changing from one outfit to the other, Lyn plays with the notion of identity as plural and shifting. They deconstruct the sociological stereotype that sees the artist as a genius withdrawn from the world in their atelier. They display the various roles they took in the working society through the different uniforms.


While changing from one to another, Lyn sometimes briefly expose their body naked in front of bypassers and in doing so, questions the threshold of vulnerability that results from the transition from one identity to another.


Mit Haut und Haar - Körperkunst jetzt!, Forum Schlossplatz, Aarau (2022-2023)


Concept and Performance: Lyn Bentschik

Camera and Sound: Tren Guerrero

Cut: Tren Guerrero and Lyn Bentschik

Assistance: Pauline Della Bianca

Photos: Tren Guerrero, Peter Koehler

Text: Pauline Della Bianca

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