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Performative Installation, 20' - 40' 


Körperwelten is a performative installation for a body and three small projectors. 

The performer is lying down in the center of a dark room. They have a naked upper body and naked feet. 

Three video loops are projected on three different body parts of the performer: the feet, the back and the stomach.

The projected videos show close up shots of body parts that don't necessarily belong to the performer lying there. The editing of the video reminds of Instagrams boomerang-function. 

The two bodies start to melt into each other: eyes and tongues appears on the foot, hands grabbing a stomach on the back. The lines between reality and projection disappear for a moment. Which body moves?

Depending on the setup, the performer holds a small speaker in their hand, that plays distorted voices and rhythms that were recorded during the shooting of the close-up body parts. The resulting soundscape by Thomas Grenzebach reminds of sounds that travelled through a fleshy body.  

The audience is invited to walk around the installation and observe the body and the  projections. 


Tanzfestival Winterthur, Theater am Gleis Winterthur (2023)

Mastercluster, Züricher Hochschule der Künste (2021)


Concept and Execution: Lyn Bentschik, Nora Werren and Levin Vieth

Performance: Lyn Bentschik 

Camera, Cut and Trailer: Levin Vieth

Sound: Thomas Grenzebach

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