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Collaborative work by Pauline Della Bianca and Lyn Bentschik

2018, Photography

This work engages with notions of body boundaries, gender and identity. The performer (Lyn Bentschik) interacts with the viewer through a confrontation with a glass plate. Their face remains unseen.

The photographic medium is used to play with notions of sharpness and create spaces for ambiguities. The title of the work refers to Pipilotti Rist’s work: Open My Glade.


10.9.22-8.1.23 Forum Schlossplatz Aarau, Gruppenausstellung "Mit Haut und Haar - Körperkunst jetzt!"

The work Reopen my Glade was chosen by Art Blanche (in collaboration with SBB) to be exhibited at two train stations: Zürich's central station and Uster.


It could be seen on big screens between 20.2. and April 21st 2020. 


Pauline Della Bianca (1993) is an art historian and artist based in Zürich. She wrote her MA thesis on feminist performance using a socio-historical feminist analysis. In her own artistic work she uses photograhy, photocollages and mixed media. 

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