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Dance Performance, 150'


Let's imagine a world where events follow one another in an eternal loop. Where every failure is inevitable and our patterns of action are irresolvable. Where mankind, in an attempt to escape this cycle, spends all its efforts on controlling events and optimizing processes. 

ERROR 508 (loop detected) is a dance piece without beginning and without end. A contemporary interdisciplinary production that deals with the dystopia of an eternal loop. 

An eternal repetition of failure and failing, a being caught in patters of action, on a personal as well as on a global level, could lead us to despair. Can we also find humor and wisdom in this? 

In this Come & Go format, viewers are invited to let themselves be ensnared by an eternal loop, reflecting on their own patterns of action. 

An ode to the absurd and fragile beauty of human agency. 


Error 508, Zentralwäscherei Zürich (2022)


Artistic direction: Marie Alexis

Concept: Marie Alexis, Ivalina Yapova

Choreography: Marie Alexis in collaboration with the dancers


Space and light: Ivalina Yapova

Costume: Karen Petermann

Music: Mladen Dabizljevic

Sound Design: Serafin Aebli

Text: Barbara Marie Hofmann


Dance: Lyn Bentschik, Alice D'Angelo, Diane Gemsch, Naomi Kamihigashi,

Ambra Peyer, Niki Anjes Stalder Performance, Voice: Hannah Drill


Production: Marie Alexis, Carina Neumer

Choreography assistance, rehearsal management: Lisa Lareida

Graphics: Pascale Lustenberger

Supported by: City of Zurich Culture, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Anne-Marie Schindler Foundation, Elisabeth Weber Foundation, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Migros Culture Percentage, Roth Scaffolding.

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