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HOMECOMING - Marina Abramović and her children


Documentary feature film by Boris Miljkovic, Belgrade, Serbia '90



After nearly forty years, Marina Abramovic returns to the place where she was born and raised, the place she left, or escaped from, as it were. In this process, she not only brings her entire body of work with her, but also a lorry loaded with emotions, memories and bitterness.


However, she is also followed by streams of young artists, reperformers, carrying with them their own loads of inexperience, hero-worship and hunger for knowledge.


Marina’s return home also signifies her young followers’ leaving home. Parallel to this, the dismantling of CLEANER in Poland is followed, and the massive exhibition’s move towards Belgrade.


As yet another narrative layer, the story of Lyn Bentschik one of the young artists emerges, one of re-performers, who performed one of Marina’s most demanding performance as a part of CLEANER. 

production: Akcija produkcija

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