Trailer by Johanna Müller 

VR Lab Documentary

2022 - 2023


Transdiciplinary research project 

Biotic Projections is a transdiciplinary artistic research project for a performance setting.


Choreographed and coordinated by Lyn Bentschik, a team of six researches the artistic potential of an interactive, cross-disciplinary creation.


Equipped with Virtual Reality headsets, Jenna Hendry and Angela Stickpin move through Linda Vollenweider’s scenography. Yannick Consaël and Franziska Bruecker translate and expand the emerging sounds into music.


The team's goal is to create a technologically augmented reality that creatively and playfully interacts, manipulates, emancipates and negotiates power. A reality in which mutual enrichment is proactively sought and chosen.

Text: Lyn Bentschik 



Choreography and coordination: Lyn Bentschik

Movement / Performance: Jenny Hendry & Angela Stöcklin

Sound: Yannick Consaël & Franziska Bruecker

Scenography: Linda Vollenweider

Visual Artist: Johanna Müller

Production: Bianca Góis Barbosa 


WIP Showing Tanzhaus Zürich 

2nd of September 2022

WIP Showing Theater am Gleis Winterthur

22nd of April 2022

WIP Showing VR Lab Lucerne

5th of April 2022

Tele 1 Feature