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Dance Performance, 45'


The interactive dance performance Våga Vara (Daring Being) is built around a play with eye contact out of which movement ensues. Five dancers and two wheelchairs get in contact with each other and the audience through dance and ribbons.   

The piece starts with the dancers leading the audience one by one onto the dance floor, creating a room of shared experiences between dancers and audience. The dancers enter into a movement dialogue where personal boundaries are challenged. Each dancer develops movement on the spot, based on their individual movement ability and body language.

Våga Vara (Daring Being) invites the audience to discover beauty in imperfection and diversity. It strives to inspire everyone - no matter their perceived limitations - to dare to express themselves in movement, thus contributing with their unique quality to the dance.



Våga Vara, CCAP/, Stockholm (2020)

Våga Vara, Norrtälje Konsthall (2020)

Våga Vara,Vallentuna Kulturhus (2020)


Stockholm based, disabled abled dance group, founded 2016


Atvara (noun). Self claimed croup name. Officially Incorrect word for officially incorrect and therefore beautiful dance group. Roots in Swedish verb att vara (to be)

Our motivation for creating dance pieces is to contribute to a society where all - regardless of their functional capabilities - can be valued in their individuality and have the opportunity to parttake in their own unique way.



Supported by Region Stockholm & Stockholms stad

Residency support in collaboration with ABF Stockholm

Music: Thomas Grenzebach

Concept, Choreography and Dance: Lyn Bentschik, Karin Delén, Mary Hagman, Cecilia Henrikson, Pernilla Henrikson

Camera and trailer: Victoria Verseau and Petra Koppla Dahlberg

Flyerdesign: Rasmus Eo Clarke

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