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Premiere Transreal Spaces

Dear friends

After a long research phase that started in 2022 with the name Biotic Projections, we are proud to finally present our full-length piece transreal spaces at Zentralwäscherei Zürich.

Get your calendars out because in less than one month we premiere on the 4th of June 2024.

We would love to welcome you!

Lyn & Linda & Katrin & Yannick & Jenna & Angela


Performance uses spoken English language, has strong light effects (strobo) and the foyer at Zentralwäscherei is narrow and loud. Wheelchair places are available (book your ticket via link and send us an Email with your name, date and number of wheelchair places you’d like to reserve). Find Zentralwäscherei’s access rider here, the performance will happen in the big hall.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us per Email for any further questions or accessbility needs.


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