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Research Academy 2021

Got admitted to ZHdK's Research Academy on The Future of Liveness with Philip Auslander, organized by Gunter Lösel. For one week in August, artists and researchers will gather and discuss important questions such as:

Where are we in terms of Liveness today? Without a doubt, the pandemic has intensified the longing for Liveness at the same time as making it disappear - perhaps forever? Will it come back, and, if so, will it look and feel the same as it did before the covid 19 cessation of live events? What does this mean for artists? Will digital forms of Liveness permanently take their place alongside co-presentational forms? Will audiences return to live events, and how can their differences from “non-live events” be marked?

As the quality of Liveness is ever changing and interacting with the landscape of media, one might ask: Have the conditions for Liveness shifted - through the internet as the new leading medium, through streaming services, through digital interactive media, through the gaming industry?


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