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Works Cry and Reopen my Glade chosen by Art Blanche

The two collaborative works Cry and Reopen my Glade were chosen by Art Blanche to be exhibited at Sihlposthalle, central train station Zürich and Uster. The works can be seen between 20st of February and 21st of April 2020.

Cry is one part of a three second video series called Fluids. I collaborated with Pascal Burger and Sophia Stricker Schall for these works - it was a lot of fun to do.

Sadly the two other works from the series Fluids, Spit and Sneeze couldn't been shown due to the current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak. I am nevertheless very happy for the visibility in a public space!

Reopen my Glade is a collaboration with Pauline Della Bianca, art historian and artist herself.

More about Art Blanche (copied from their website):

The Zurich University of the Arts (MA Design - Product - Departement Design)and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) have launched the pilot project in the Sihlposthalle at Zurich main station and in the underpass at Uster station. With the pilot project, the ZHDK and SBB aim to explore whether digitised works by a wide variety of artists can affect visitors in their daily grind in a positive way. In addition, these differentiated areas are intended to offer artists the opportunity to present their works.

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