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Dance Performance with audience participation in a cube


between 45' - 6 hours

The dancers of compagnie O. tap into the movements that are always present, even if barely visible: in our own bodies, in space, in the other bodies - including the audience.


The collected movements are magnified by letting them flow and vibrate, and a dance arises - an empathetic-anarchic serenade to the present moment and to the human beings who shape it. 

Concept: Marie Alexis

Scenography: Ivalina Yapova

Dance: Alice D'Angelo, Ambra Peyer, Lyn Bentschik, Naomi Kamihigashi



Mai 21st 2021 - Zürich tanzt, Kulturhaus Helferei, Zürich


June 2020 - Theater Neumarkt Zürich, im Rahmen von 7/11 Performance Supermarket


Oktober 2020 - Seekult Festival, Friedrichshafen (DE) 

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