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Pictures by Irem Güngez




Installation by Lyn Bentschik

knotting is an installation attached from the ceiling. The sculpture is made of the artists’ own hair. Kept for years in a cellar, the seven years old dreadlocks came to the artist’s interest when moving house. 


In knotting the dreads together, Lyn created a light and organic object. Interconnected, the strands of hair form a sort of a complex web. The sculpture is attached to the ceiling with a transparent thread which gives the impression that it is floating in the air. 


A soundtrack accessible through a QR code accompanies the object. During two minutes the artist recites overlapping sentences. They are short affirmations with the same structure, made of repetitions and rhyme such as as 


Your body her/their appreciation. 

Your body, our appropriation. 

Your culture my appropriation/appreciation. 


With their voice, Lyn consciously places the sculpture within complex intersectional notions: body, culture, appropriation, and identity.


Text: Pauline Della Bianca, art historian (MA)


"Mit Haut und Haar - Körperkunst jetzt!" Forum Schlossplatz Aarau 2022/23

FATart Fair #3 in Schaffhausen Switzerland, September 11th-13th 2020

Credits for Audio


Audio text written and spoken by Lyn Bentschik 

Recording and cut by Yannick Consaël

Soundscape by Thomas Grenzebach

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