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Trailer by Pascal Burger / Lyn Bentschik

Pictures by Oliver Dähler




Stage piece by Lyn Bentschik, 15'


Biomorphil is expanded choreography, inspired by symbiotic social structures found in nature; like coral reefs or forests. In order to survive and thrive, all their tiny inhabitants are in constant movement exchange with each other.


With a team of 7 artists of various disciplines, we translated these observations into an artistic context. What we created became our own ecosystem that consists of humans, textile, portable loudspeakers and moving lights.

Biomorphil is a transdiciplinary creature with it’s own life, it’s own logic and it’s own movements.

Biomorphil also served as the practical part for my MA thesis Choreographie als durchdringender Faktor im transdisziplinären Arbeitsfeld expandierter Choreographie




Choreography: Lyn Bentschik


Dance: Aga Pędziwiatr, Momo Tanner, Ambra Peyer/Lyn Bentschik


Music: Thomas Grenzebach


Costumes / Objects: Chiara Alissa Estivariz Lopez


Light Design: Ivalina Yapova 


Outside Eye: Marie Alexis 


Premiered @ Gesserallee Bühne A, Zürich, 17th &18th of April 2021 as a graduation piece for the MA Dance Choreography of ZHdK 

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